Export images

Images imported into Pixave can be exported according to the following settings:

  • Original File
  • Pixel
  • Scale

To export images, Please follow the below steps:

  1. Select images to export

  2. Select “Export” in Action Menu

  3. When select “Export” in Action menu, export file list will be shown.

  4. If you want to delete images in the list, Swipe-right and then tap “Delete”.

  5. If you want to edit export preset, Tap export preset button.

  6. To edit export preset, Swipe-right and then tap “Edit”.

  7. When Export preset edit view displayed, You can edit image format, image quality, size to options, filename options.

  8. To export images, Tap “Export” button.

    You can choose metadata options and subfolder format options.
    If you turn on “include Tags, other metadata”, the exported images contains Tags, GPS, EXIF, IPTC metadata. subfolder format supports the collection name or collection structure type currently used by Pixave.
    Using this feature is very simple. If you select “Collection Name”, the media will be saved in the folder with the collection”. If you select “Collection Hierarchy”, the media will be saved in the folder with the structure.

  9. When export process completed, Share options will be shown. like this:

    To save exported images, Tap “AirDrop” or “Save to Files.”.