View and organize your images

Browser Interface
Images are displayed in the Browser, which consists of the following features.


  • Open: View image.
  • Open With Default App: View image with default application
  • Open With: Open image with another application.
  • Import: Import the currently selected image(s) in a Collection.
  • Update Previews: If original image changed by default application, You can update Preview image. (If you want to update manually preview image, Hold “Option” key and select this menu item. – Read more)
  • Set Preview Background: Assign a background color for Preview image
  • Get Info: View the properties of a selected image.
  • Tags: View and edit the tag information of a selected image.
  • Rating: Assign a rating to a selected image
  • Label: Assign a label to a selected image
  • Show Original: If your library is referenced type, You can find the original file.
  • Open in Web Browser: If image has URL information, open URL information with web browser.
  • Add / Edit URL: Add or Edit URL information
  • Set Desktop Picture: Set a selected image as the desktop picture.
  • Export to: Export a selected image as a file, ePub, or print.
  • Delete: Delete a selected image.
  • Sort: The Browser’s image sorting categories.

Assign a Tag to a selected image
There are 2 ways to assign a tag to an image.

– As shown below, after selecting the image drag over to the tag.



– Press “Command-I” to display the interface. Then click on the “Tags” button and then Click on the desired tag, as shown below.