Pixave Mini

Pixave features the Pixave Mini to provide added convenience to the user, as it is a very useful tool. The process of gathering images can often consist of having numerous Web Browser and/or Finder windows opened all at the same time, often overlapping each other. Importing images to Pixave in such situation, first, the image must be selected, then Pixave selected, and then the image must be dragged across. Pixave Min exists to free the user from such a tedious process.

To detach Pixave Mini is very simple.

On the top left-hand side of the Pixave window, click on the “Pixave Mini” button to display the sleek Pixave Mini window. The detached window always stays on top, so any images to be imported can be directly dragged over to the Pixave Mini window, for very easy and time-saving importation.