Setup Auto-import

The Auto-import feature is there to help Pixave automatically import media from a specific folder designated by the user. To use this feature, follow the steps below and adjust the settings:

  • Select the Collection to Auto-import from.

  • When the Auto-import window appears click on “Deactivated Auto-import” near the bottom.

When the screen is displayed like the picture shown below, adjust the settings in the following order:

  • Click the “Enable Auto-import” button to change the status to “ON”.
  • Click the “Select” button to choose the folder to Auto-import from.
  • Select the file type(s) among the contents within the folder to Auto-import.

Once setting is complete, click on the “Back” button on the top left-hand side of the screen.
To automatically apply tags to all imported files, click on “Tags”, as shown below.

When the list of tags is displayed, as in the picture below, select the desired tags.

Once all setting is complete and saved, the selected Collection changes its icon to display the Auto-import setting.