Import images

Image formats supported by Pixave

  • JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, TIFF, ICNS, BMP, ICO, TGA, SVG, PSD, AI, EPS (included PDF info only), PDF, CAMERA RAW
  • MOV, M4V, MP4 (Recommended App Pro Video Formats 2.0.4 or higher to support HDV, XDCAM HD for MOV Wrapper)
  • MPO (Multiple Pictures Object Image)
  • OBJ (Geometry Definition File Format) for 3D (Requires OS X 10.11 or higher)
  • DAE (Digital Asset Exchange) for 3D
  • OpenEXR
  • TrueType® Font, OpenType® Font
  • Affinity Designer document (Requires Affinity Designer 1.3 or higher installed)
  • Affinity Photo document (Requires Affinity Photo 1.3.4 or higher installed)
  • iDraw & Autodesk Graphic document (Requires iDraw 2.5.1, Graphic 3.0 or higher installed)
  • Autodesk Graphic document (Requires Autodesk Graphic 3.0 or higher installed)
  • Pixelmator document (Requires Pixelmator 3.3.2 or higher installed)
  • Sketch 3.3 document (requires Setch 3.3.2 or higher installed)
  • Acorn 4 or 5 document (requires Acorn 4 or 5 installed)
  • Apple Pages document (requires Apple Pages 5.6 or higher installed)
  • Apple Numbers document (requires Apple Numbers 3.6 or higher installed)
  • Apple Keynote document (requires Apple Keynote 6.6 or higher installed)
  • Apple iBooks Author document (requires Apple iBooks Author 2.4 or higher installed)
  • Microsoft Word document (requires Microsoft Word 2016 or higher installed)
  • Microsoft Excel document (requires Microsft Excel 2016 or higher installed)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint document (requires Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 or higher installed)
  • OmniGraffle document (requires OmniGraffle 6 or higher installed)
  • MindNode document (requires MindNode 2 or higher installed)
  • Comic Life 3 document (requires Comic Life 3 or higher installed)
  • Napkin document (requires Napkin 1.5 or higher installed)
  • Flinto document (requires Flinto 1.3 or higher installed)
  • iThoughtsX document (requires iThoughtsX 3.12 or higher installed)
  • Hype 3 document (requires Tumult Hype 3.6 or higher installed)

Import images by drag and drop

  1. Select an image file or folder from Finder.
  2. Drag to an existing Collection, or if the Collection is already selected drag over to the Browser.
      • If there are no existing Collections, a new Collection must be created before dragging the image.
      • Alternatively, dragging a file or folder from the Sidebar automatically creates a new Collection and imports the image(s).


Import images by copy & paste

  1. Selet image file or folder from Finder
  2. Press “Command-C”
  3. Click sidebar or collection
  4. Press “Command-V”

Remove images

  1. Select the image to be deleted in the Browser.
  2. Right mouse-click and select “Move to Trash” or press “Command-Delete”.


Move images

  1. Select the image to be moved in the Browser.
  2. Drag over to the desired Collection.


Rate images

  1. Select an image from the Browser.
  2. Right mouse-click and select “Rating” then select the desired rating.


Update information about images

  1. Select an image from the Browser.
  2. Right mouse-click and select “Get Info” or press “Command-I”.


Note: the following metadata can be modified:

  • Kind
  • Rating
  • Label
  • Copyright
  • Note
  • Title