Sync with iCloud

System Requirements:

  • Requires iCloud Enabled
  • Requires macOS 10.11.6 or higher
  • Make sure the free disk space on iOS devices for syncing library
  • Your library should be setup as “Copy items to the Pixave library” (You can check library status in Preferences > Library)

Before Sync with iCloud:

When you sync your library with iCloud, Pixave will use iCloud storage of all your Macs and iOS Devices. If you sync a huge library, lack of iCloud storage or iOS Devices storage may not let your sync done properly.

Make sure the capacity of iCloud and iOS Devices has enough space to sync.

Let’s Start!

To sync your Pixave library with iCloud for multiple devices, Please follow the below steps:

1.  Open Preferences

2. Click Library Tab

3. Turn on iCloud Sync button

4. When click iCloud Sync button, Pixave shows the below alert box. If you want to sync your library with iCloud, Please click “Continue”

5. When press “Continue” button, iCloud Sync will be started.

6. If you want background sync, click the “Sync in background” button as shown below.


Sync with iCloud on your multiple devices

If your library is located in iCloud and uses more than one Mac, When the library changes on another device, Pixave displays a dialog box as shown below and informs you of the library change status.

When you click the “Sync” button, Pixave updates the changed library and added media and finishes “Sync”.

Note: When sync completed, The library will use the space of disk on Macs and iOS Devices.

Check iCloud Sync status

The way to check the current library sync state is very simple. Click the “iCloud” icon at the top of the window as shown below to show the current status of the sync.

When click the “iCloud” button to show the current number of syncs and progress as shown below.

If the image in the library appears as shown below, it means that the current sync is in progress. ICloud sync is depend on your internet connection speed.

How to pen the library in iCloud on other Mac

To open library in iCloud on the other Mac, Please follow the below steps:

  1. Press “Command + Shift + O” or Select “Switch to Library” in File Menu
  2. Select a library on iCloud and then Click “Choose”