What’s Collection

Pixave offers Collections which fall into 2 main categories with the following uses:

  • Library (System Collection)
    • All: View all images currently in use in the Pixave library.
    • Recent: View images imported in the past few days (the time setting can be adjusted in  Preferences > General).
    • Trash: View all images to delete
  • Your Collections (User-defined Collection)
    • In Your Collections the user’s own Collections, Folders, and Smart Collections are displayed.

What is a collection?

The Collection is your primary media holder. It has a unique, privileged relationship with media. Every media must be in a Collection.

What is a smart Collection?

A smart collection is virtual-media collection that automatically updates itself according to a set of criteria you define. The benefit to smart collection is they allow you to quickly access specific groups of media that are not worth putting into a separate collection.

What is a folder?

Pixave provides Folders to aid you. Folder hold groups of Collection, Smart Collection and other folder. Folders cannot contain media which are not in a Collection or Smart Collection.